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Replenishment for the mind

If you are in dire need of some replenishment for the mind, look no further. Here are four new albums to still your hunger and forget about the daily routine.

Christos D.C. Self Evident Dub

Yesterday evening I opened a CD by Christos D.C. that was still in its plastic wrapper. It was his 2014 release carrying the name Long Road. It has everything you come to expect from an artist who in my humble opinion is one of the revelations in modern roots Reggae. The multilayered rhythm tracks are bulging with elegant thoughtful melodies and his way with words are subtle, speaking to the intelligence of its listeners. The two follow-up albums, dropped in 2017 and 2020, took some time as Christos D.C. isn’t the type of artist that drops multiple albums a year. The same goes for the dub versions of his material. Opening the foil made me aware of the fact that I haven’t yet listened to the Dub version of his latest album Self Evident. Now having listened to it, I’m again impressed with what they were able to do with tracks that to me were already pretty perfect to begin with. After a career touring and recording for a host of other artists, Christos can rely on a close-knit family of musicians who helped to create this record. Sit back and take it all in, it is a beautiful journey.

Mowty Mahlyka Spiritually Grown EP

Cool Up Records remains one of those labels you need to keep a close eye on as they release excellent music on a regular basis. Their latest release has the talented Mowty Mahlyka singing and toasting over some throwback digital riddims. I’m happy to see that a small independent label is still able to launch new music in these difficult times. On Spiritually Grown you can find five brand-new songs that will speak to the Soundsystem fan with its thumping basslines and laidback delivery. This one will make you move till early morning.

Midnight RidersMeets Naram Rhythm Section

Red Robin Records is a small label based in New Zeeland that I have been following since their first release in 2017. After releasing some 7 and 12 inch singles we had to wait a bit before they came out with their first full length album. The sluggish basslines and muddy beats are completely original to the digital era. Midnight Riders Meets Naram Rhythm Section will definitely make an impact on the Soundsystem circuit or through the speakers in your home as most festivals are still far away.

Soothsayers We Are Many

For the readers who are in for a more upbeat experience, the new album by Soothsayers might offer some relief from the stress of yesterday. They stick to their incredible infectious mix of Reggae, Jazz, Afro Beat and Dub, but listening to it multiple times will make you discover some new undercurrents. For their new album they flew almost 9.000 kilometers to immerse themselves in the musical jungle of Brazil. The rich Brazilian musical history had a profound impact on their direction for the new album both musically and lyrically. Truly  some replenishment for the mind, body and soul.


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