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Below you can find 5 albums that currently dominate my playlist. This list will be regularly updated. Hope to see you back soon!

1. Lee FieldsSentimental Fool

I haven’t been so ecstatic about a Lee Fields album since the release of the Funk anthem on the predecessor label of Daptone Records named Let’s Get A Groove On. It will only take time before people realize that Sentimental Fool is one of the last remnants in a long line of true Soul singers and acknowledge it’s place among the great. Glorious and compelling, just a phenomenal record back to back and for that you can call me a sentimental old fool.

2. Zion I KingsFuture Oceans Echo

Zion I Kings need no introduction under Reggae aficionados as they have been monumental in the development of the modern day Roots sound. Having such a vast catalogue of brilliant rhythm tracks for a multitude of artists serves them well as they explore the outer limits of the mixing board building something new piece by piece. Future Oceans Echo shows the Zion I Kings as masters of their craft, surfing the sonic waves with upmost respect and while leaving the listener wanting more.

3. Christos DCCrisis 2.0

Created and released while the world was on lock-down gives an unique perspective into one man’s perception of human behaviour in the midst of a crisis. Christos DC takes his time to share these observations on solid foundations mixed by Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred from the fabled Zion I Kings. Although it wasn’t an instant favourite like Tessera or Self Evident, tracks like the worldly Distraction, the elegant Long Tongue or the suspense of Still Living show once again why I have named Christos DC one of the Reggae revelations in recent years.

4. Ben MarcGlass Effect

Multi-instrumentalist, producer and main figure in the UK Jazz scene, Ben Marc’s debut alternates between different sound scapes faster than a shape-shifter changes color with the rhythmic undercurrent as the golden thread bringing you from one realm to the other. With a bag of instruments as rich as the ethnicity of a London borough, you can hear traces of Middle eastern, Indian and Asian sounds throughout the entirety of the work. Like the many splinters after impact, Glass Effect has it all.

Tip: its the perfect timing to give Glass Effect a listen as he is performing live at De Doelen in Rotterdam on the 24th of March.

5. Cosmic ShufflingMagic Rocket Ship

Like crash landing an actual magic rocket shipt right in your back garden, Cosmic Shuffling is bursting with energy on their debut. Bringing you some Swiss made Rock Steady recorded with analogue equipment, ribbon mics, and a tape recorder blowing some dust of a genre that remains as addictive as ever. The lyrics “who’s that cat in that funky hat” might as well refer to Roberto Sanchez who once again takes reign of the mixing board for this stunning debut.


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