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About me

I started as an outlet were I could share my passion for music and the knowledge I gained over the years collecting records, listening to music, reading books and visiting live performances. About 18 years ago I started collecting music (mostly on vinyl). At first, it was just a spur of the moment decision when I bought my first record. It was Funky Kingston by the Toots and the Maytals. After that it took a while before the virus really took hold of me. My passion for music is solely for my listening pleasure. I don’t play any instrument and I wouldn’t actually know if I would be any good playing one. What I do possess is a keen sense for discovering interesting music. A record is more to me than just the music alone. It’s about the total package including the story of how it came together. Although I listen to all sorts of music I have a soft spot for music that is rhythmically driven. So among the articles I will publish you can expect to find lots of Reggae, Afro Beat, Soul, Funk, Afro-Cuban and an occasional oddball. To me, new music is music I never heard before. Therefore I will publish articles concerning music that has just been released to music with a fair amount of dust on it. My aim is not to unearth long lost gems, but I will focus on somewhat less popular music. Hopefully I will be able to share some interesting stuff both for the long time music fan as the casual listener.

Keep discovering!