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Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Reaching out to all my readers with just a casual hello and I’m still here type of post. Now spring is in full swing it brings with it sunshine and more acceptable temperatures which I have taken full advantage of. Admittedly there are still some notorious Dutch rainy days inbetween, but the promise of sunshine on the horizon makes it somewhat easier to endure. No lengthy story this time as today is far too precious for me to spent writing and for you to take your time reading it. Instead opting to briefly introduce you to Chocolate Milk’s debut album Action Speaks Louder Than Words and let the music do the rest.

When the collective sense of timing becomes criminally good, you would almost forget the level of musicianship it takes to play that funky. Especially considering the fact were are talking about an octet. This eight piece band interlocks so tightly, playing in the pocket for an entire album worth of trailblazing Soul and Funk as if the engineer pressed record without intermissions or retakes. Produced by none other than Allen Toussaint and with the inclusion of the closing track which feels a bit out of place, Action Speaks Louder Than Words falls just short of perfect. The hard Funk tracks rival the work Allen Toussaint has recorded with The Meters while they prove equally at home taking a Jazzy detour along the way. As the name of the album so boldly suggests, action does indeed speaks louder than words and with this album they stand by it rightfully earning the adoration amongst Funk devotees arround the world.

I have been adding new albums to the now playing page regularly so if you want to extent your lazy sunny day you might want to check it out.

2 thoughts on “Action Speaks Louder Than Words”

  1. Hi Jordy,

    When was this LP released? Looking at the cover it must be something like halfway of the 70’s…?

    Grtz. Roland

    1. Hi Roland. Spot on! It was released in 1975 and only reissued for the first time arround 2000. Maybe you should sign up for a local pub quiz😉

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