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Adrian Sherwood meets Harry Beckett

Just when I thought I had plowed through the whole On-U Sound catalogue, listening to everything Adrian Sherwood had touched, I was in for a pleasant surprise. This is one of the best things that can happen to you after having fully exploited what a label or artist has to offer. Reaching a point where you can only go back to what’s already familiar never to regain that feeling of being totally overwhelmed for the first time. Today I was able to relive that first moment as I found an album on the On-U Sound label I had never heard before. I had no idea this record was going to blow me out of the water as it did. You always hope the next mind blowing record is around the corner but you also know that exceptional albums are few and far between. Nothing is worse than if you are planning to listen to an album with high expectations and it doesn’t deliver on that promise.

The album I’m so excited about has trumpetist Harry Beckett playing over some of the most futuristic rhythms with Adrian bringing in all kinds of aural sorcery. Once again the balance between the magic of Adrian behind the mixing desk and Beckett’s poignant trumpet is perfect. Beckett doesn’t play as he usually does but builds up one horn line after another slowly adding bits and pieces to the music instead of flying above the rhythm.

I just ordered the album today. Normally I would wait for it to arrive to write a full review. But I couldn’t control myself in writing something while still having some of the excitement of this new discovery in my blood. Enjoy this truly exceptional record!


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