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BackDoor Records Torino

While on a business trip to Turin last week, I managed to squeeze in some time to visit a local record shop at the end of a long working day. With the help of my Italian colleague who drove us to BackDoor record shop, a suggestion given by another associate who loves Vinyl records, I got to discover yet another little hidden gem with passionate people that know a thing or two about the music they stock.

BackDoor record shop is  situated on a square that during some days of the week hosts a bustling market were locals get their fruit and vegetables. So it might be worth paying a visit when the market is in full swing to fully experience the local culture. It is a small record shop carrying a bit of everything from old to new, covering a decent range of genre’s and a great place to scavenge for local records or Italian pressings to add to your collection. The Reggae and Soul sections held nothing for me and browsing on borrowed time I swiftly went through some of the other sections but it didn’t result in a last minute catch. Fortunately I didn’t leave empty handed, since I snatched away a copy of 2020’s release by The Budos Band dubbed Long In The Tooth early on. A true melting pot of influences ranging from Ethio-Jazz, Afro Beat, Psych Rock to Hip-Hop all played by a big band that goes full throttle. Best described by the band itself as “Dooms Rock Afro-Soul big band with a ’70s touch”. Give it a spin!

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