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Dub cover art #1

At my previous appartment I had a shelf hanging on the wall where I used to display some of the records with covers I thought had a certain artistic appeal. I changed them every so often to keep things interesting. It could only hold up 7 or 8 records as it had a more decorative purpose than it was a way to store records. Thinking about it brought me to the idea of sharing some of these covers with you. I had to narrow things down since randomly sharing some covers from my collection just wouldn’t do the trick. This brought me to my collection of Dub records which made perfect sense. The nature of Dub music inspired many cover artists to come up with some ideas that are literary out of this world. Something I came to appreciate very much. I’m not sure on how long I can strecth this Dub cover art series, but let’s find out together.


First up is the mind blowing trip through the galaxy by Prince Far I & The Arabs dubbed Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Chapter III. Feel free to share some album covers you think are worth hanging on the wall in the comment section below.


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