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Just about 3 months ago when I was doing some research about the record stores in Schiedam, I met up with Mirjam who runs a local art and tattoo studio named MVR.SODA. I had seen her artwork through social media and was particularly taken by her portrait of Curtis Mayfield. After seeing some of her other work in real life (e.a. John Coltrane, Sly Stone, Fela Kuti and James Brown) and chatting non-stop about music primarily, I told her I was looking for a triptych painting on which the premises wasn’t yet set in stone. Over the course of the next couple of weeks we worked out some of the details and MVR.SODA started working her magic. Never having commissioned an artist to make a painting for me made the outcome that much more special as the pieces she created surpassed my expectations by a stretch. So, this post is really to thank Mirjam for an amazing job and promoting her work that now greets me whenever I come walking down the stairs honoring my favorite producer, singer and rhythm section on this planet. From left to right; going under numerous aliases but many know him as Lee “Scratch” Perry, followed by the Crown Prince Dennis Brown, and closing in style with the rhythm twins Sly and Robbie. I made some cool photo’s of the paintings  inside the old Soda factory (hence the name) where the MVR.SODA studio is based to really make the bright colors pop. Below the paintings in somewhat more high-res than the header image for you to take in all the details. Let me know what you think.

If you happen to like the paintings you can always reach out to MVR.SODA for a custom made painting or buying one her already finished works. On the top of my mind the ones that are still available are;

John Coltrane (100×150 cm)
Fela Kuti (170×100 cm)
Curtis Mayfield (40×50 cm)
Aretha Franklin (100×170 cm)
Lauryn Hill (40×50 cm)
Lee Perry (100×150 cm)

You can contact Mirjam herself for more specifics via or 0657881474.

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