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Sharing some positive vibes!

Today I want to share some positive vibes since the current situation with the Corona virus can feel a little suffocating, at least to me. Staying indoors for most of the week disturbs our daily routines and social interactions which is so close to what makes us human. The last couple of weeks had an impact on my overall mood. But these difficult times also draw out something real primitive within us. With a lot of time on our hands people are actually helping each other overcome this crisis. Big and small initiatives are popping up everywhere and it’s beautiful to see.

So today I want to contribute to that positive vibe by sharing some positive music. To be honest I felt a bit reluctant to share something in these difficult times. I didn’t want to create the illusion to be taking advantage of the situation or how they say in Reggae “I didn’t want to ride the Corona band wagon”. But today I was working in my garden and the warm sun together with Clinton Fearon convinced my to share this wonderful album. Hopefully this album can bring about some positive vibes for you too!

Update: read It is not all about Vinyl Part 2 for more on Clinton Fearon.



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