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Hazy guitars and fuzzy synth Pop

And there it is! All of a sudden the new EP by Feng Suave I ordered a long time ago is delivered at one of my neighbors. Being delayed by a few weeks, I have to admit that I totally forgot about it. That made the surprise once I retrieved the parcel only bigger. I honestly didn’t know this square cardboard held inside this hazy guitars and fuzzy synth Pop record until I unpacked it. With two autographs on the back of the sleeve it was instantly clear that it held a copy of Feng Suave’s new EP Warping Youth. You can already guess one LP that will be featured in the next autographed album covers article.

Compared to the previous EP by Feng Suave, Warping Youth is more laid back and leans more heavily towards Indie pop than dreamy bedroom Soul. Don’t be afraid, it still features that hazy homebrew sound at heart, with Daniel de Jong’s soft spoken vocals that rides the stretched fuzzy guitar waves by Daniel Schoemaker and the rest of the band. “Day One“, the last song on the EP, even transforms into a extended rock composition different from anything I heard from Feng Suave so far.

I like the new EP very much but it took me a couple of sessions to fully appreciate. Give it a try and let me know what you think of this hazy guitars and fuzzy synth Pop in the comment section!

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