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Rainford Hugh Perry (1936 – 2021)

Just last year, I wrote an article including a short review on Lee Scratch Perry’s then latest album Heavy Rain. Today, Rainford Hugh Perry – better known as Lee Scratch Perry – drew his last breath in this realm to travel on to the next. I can’t really be sad as he gave the world so much to enjoy that one can only be grateful. That very same article held for me,  the perfect description of how I came to know Lee Scratch Perry through his work.

Still making music at 84 years old, Lee Perry is an enigma traveling between realms of fact and fiction as he enchants everyone with his musical rod of correction. He is surrounded by so many strange and fantastic stories and the best part is, he leaves everyone in the dark on whether these stories actually hold any truth. To some he is just a nutcase, but I see a man with the boundless imagination of a child and indeed a bag full of quirks

This is my way of paying tribute to a man who singlehandedly build the foundations of my appreciation for music and will continue to inspire me and many others long after. May he “Rain” forever.


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