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Record shopping in Deventer

Last month, I got together with a good friend of mine and fellow collector travelling east to explore the record stores in Deventer. I wasn’t aware that Deventer had five record shops to begin with, let alone the fact that they all happen to be located within 500 meters of each other. If you are planning to visit some of the record stores in Deventer than I would recommend going on a Saturday as to enjoy the city when it is most alive with people filling the streets, bistros and market stalls. Apart from the record stores in Deventer we had a blast walking its historic alleys, enjoying some old Dutch candy and facing the Dutch weather.

Plato Deventer

The Deventer store of retail chain Plato has changed its formula slightly compared to when I first stepped into a Plato record store quite some time ago, now focusing more on second hand Vinyl and CD’s. The second hand stock at the Deventer location almost superseding the freshly pressed Vinyl if you take into account the basement with discount prices. They have quite some good stuff to choose from going through the alphabetically organised bins and to lesser extent the ones catering to a specific genre. Pay attention to what is placed on top of the bins as well, because there were some nice collector boxes such as the whole Motown single collection or a bad ass collector’s box of Stevie Wonder. If you fancy a nice concert poster or a unique picture by one of your favourite bands, it might also pay off to have a look at their memorabilia. I walked out the door with an absolute pristine copy of short-lived Folk Rock super combo Fotheringay.

Variaworld Deventer

Literally chock-full of Vinyl, located in what I believe used to be two stores now joined by a small corridor which houses the counter. Upon entering you are greeted by your 70’s, 80’s and 90’s typical stuff, but more interesting to me is what waits just around the corner. My friend who amongst other things is a frenetic Hard Rock fan stood quite some time admiring the wall of Hard Rock and Metal rarities, pointing out some titles that he bought when they just came out while I flicked through the Soul section right in front of the wall. There are some gems to be found in both sections as pointed out ever so enthusiastically by both. Take a hard left when passing the counter and you find the Jazz, Blues, Reggae, African and World bins and by the looks you can tell they spend less time to organise this corner of the store. I had to lean over three wooden bins to get to the end of the Reggae section for example. Not the best way to treat your Vinyl. They do have a nice selection of records though, but on pricing they were sometimes a bit off, more proof that this corner is overlooked. Quality of the records varies quite a bit and it is wise to carefully check each record if are planning to buy one, but the staff is willing to work out a deal. With Count Ossie and The Mystic Revelation’s Tales Of Mozambique, Vaudou Game’s Otodi, Junior Delgado & Field Marshals Buckors Armed Robbery / Tonight & Tune In, and Creation Rebel’s Psychotic Jonkanoo in the bag you really can’t complain.



Yet another record store in Deventer with two rooms full of Vinyl and CD’s boasting a wide range of genres and titles. I was less fortunate and found only Downhome Sophisticate by Corey Harris, but luckily the quality of the music on this disc makes up for a lot. I did however let go of Alphonse Mouzon’s Fusion genre defining classic Mind Transplant on Blue Note and an original Black Moses complete with fold-out poster by Isaac Hayes. The latter had a puncture through the cover and seeing I already own a nearly perfect copy decided to part ways. Before you walk out of the door ask the owner what he’s holding under the counter, just a tip.



This must be one of the most unusual record stores I ever visited and I can’t stress enough that is purely meant as an compliment. Such as the name faintly suggests, the store isn’t fully dedicated to music but boasts a wide array of books, magazines, art and other curiosity connected to music, photography, film, architecture or (graphic) design. While most record stores order their music in an combination of genre and alphabetical order the owner of Musicamore does things somewhat different. Throughout the store and especially the large wooden cabinets covering both sides have separate sections dedicated to for instance a specific country, label or an architectural movement far more how you would expect a historic museum or library to be classified. In this way you are not just looking at a bunch of records in a specific genre but you get a more comprehensive look into complimentary forms of art. A very interesting take on bringing together multiple forms of art and showcasing one man’s vision in a very tasteful manner. Most of the records in stock are from the 50’s and 60’s except a few bins placed on the floor at the front of the store which includes more popular bands from the 70’s’ 80’s and to some extent 90’s. Definitely have a chat with the owner about the store itself, what hidden gems everyone seems to neglect, or perhaps about some cool cover art from the 50’s.

Since I wasn’t able to find any records to take home with me at Musicamore, I thought it would be nice to mix things up and let my friend handpick some tracks that are featured on the one record he managed to purchase.


Bep Dylan

Part curiosity part record store, Bep Dylan has a great selection of titles mostly 70’s, 80 and 90’s orientated with plucks of other music scattered around. The owner told us he reopened the store for the second time some years ago, selling his own collection twice in the process. Despite the fact that it is the smallest record store in Deventer, Bep Dylan has some outstanding Hard Rock and early Metal titles in perfect condition next to my vote for coolest record store name in the region. The first, partly because of one connection in particular who from time to time part ways with some of his outstanding collection. The last stop before heading home didn’t yield anything for me. However, my friend had to pay twice since he came across another title he just couldn’t let go of when we where about to leave the store. Get ready for the few times Hard-Rock and Metal grace Wanderinglion with their presence!


We had a great time and both went home with a good number of titles. I definitely recommend any record collector to visit the record stores in Deventer even if it is just a change of scenery opposed to your regular routine. I bet you are going to be surprised of what Deventer has to offer.


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  1. Hi Jordi,
    It was a great day indeed! Eager to find out what our next trip will bring.
    And personally, I would not mind if hard rock/metal would grace this blog more often πŸ˜‰
    Grtz, Roland.

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