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Reggae Geel 2022

After 2 years of absence the red, gold and green will once again flaunt the meadows of Malosewaver for Reggae Geel 2022. Returning for the sixteenth consecutive time to one of the best Reggae Festivals will be special and I’m thankful I can share this moment with a group of friends who managed to stay together through the years. This year’s line-up has some very exciting acts and I can’t give more praise to the organization behind the festival to once again deliver a vast and broad spectrum of Reggae music on four different stages. I especially look out for the performances of Marcus Gad, Misty In Roots, Luciano, Horace Andy, African Head Charge, Adrian Sherwood and Mortimer.

For my readers who live relatively nearby, I would strongly recommend to visit Reggae Geel at least once in your life-time. Even if it is just for one of the two days and Reggae isn’t necessarily your thing. Luckily there are also other ways to still at least get a piece of the action if going isn’t an option. Going through the line-up for Reggae Geel 2022 is half the fun, seeing when my favorite acts are playing and on what stage, although sometimes having to accept a hard choice between two acts playing at the same time. This is the fuel I need to then create a playlist with some of my favorite tracks to build excitement even before they hit the stage. With any luck this playlist will do more than just mere words can and, even if it is just for a moment, transport you to the ever so green fields of Reggae Geel.


6 thoughts on “Reggae Geel 2022”

    1. After two years it will probably look like a herd of cows who after a long winter are released from their barn🐄🐄

  1. Thanks for always providing us with a steady agenda, we can fall back on when we feel lost on the meadows. Looking forward to another great year!

  2. You have described this beautifully. Reggae Geel is the best festival I’ve been to. The atmosphere is great! I am happy to experience it again this year with friends and a friend like you.

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