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Thrift shop treasure – Jaiyede Afro

Kicking 2024 off on a high note with a thrift shop treasure in the form of super Afro-Funk master Orlando Julius and the intergalatic guardians of Afro-Funk, the Heliocentrics. On Jaiyede Afro, Orlando Julius and the Heliocentrics freely explore some of his earlier work, in most cases previously unrecorded or unreleased, that had and still has a profound effect on Afro-Funk as we know it today. Fela Kuti was once a member of his band His Modern Aces playing trumpet before leaving and starting the very first incarnation that would later lead up to the legendary the Africa ’70. Perhaps not acknowledged in the same vein, Orlando Julius remains an Afro-Funk superpower and together with the Heliocentrics ventures into new territory to capture some of his magic that sounds amazing no matter if you are living in the past, present of future.

I was able to pick up a mint copy of Jaiyede Afro on CD still in its plastic wrapping for 99 cents as I quickly popped in a local thrift shop after dropping of the kids at a birthday party. Seeing that it wasn’t picked up by anyone else and sitting amongst beat up copies of in my not so humble opinion inferior music surprised me, but at the same time made my day. If you are a fan of recent Afro-Funk works by the likes of Ebo Taylor, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley or Pat Thomas than you are going to take a liking to Jaiyede Afro.

You can still witness these masters of their craft at work as many still make regular appearances around the world. If you know where to look, look no further and buy yourself a ticket (satisfaction guaranteed).

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